APLF LEATHER & MATERIALS+ | 30 March -1 April 2022, Dubai


Testimonial from APLF Exhibitors and Visitors

Exhibitor Quotes

“We had more visitors this morning than on the first morning of last year's fair.”
Juan Manuel Campanera, Donto S.A., Argentina

“I haven't been here for a few years but for us the fair has been busy.”
Candice Wong, PFI Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“We witnessed a good mix of visitors of various countries in which we operate. Quality of the contacts and meetings was good, and we have already re-confirmed our presence for 2020 with an increased raw space.”
Marco Matteoli, Gruppo Biokimica, Italy

“APLF is the correct fair for our exports in the last 7 years. We have increased sales to Asia by approximately 20% and increased sales to Europe.”
Ferdinand Kehler, Cencoprod, Paraguay

“The second day of the fair has been great for us with a lot of movement, even the first day. We've been coming for 9 years, and we've already booked for next year.”
Paolo Muraro, UnionPelli, Italy

“To participate in APLF is like dipping your finger in a jar of Nutella. You get many different satisfying tastes and textures and it is very rewarding. We have exhibited here for the past 22 years and intend to continue to do so.”
Luigi de Luca, GER Elettronica, Italy



Visitor Quotes

“I am looking for potential customers for our company’s hide traceability machines. It has been a productive day with lots of prospective green shoots.”
Joe Gibson, Gibson Bass, Australia

“This is the first time I visit APLF. I am here to expand our range of suppliers for our flat shoes manufacturing business. I have already met and agent in my local area and attended a couple of very informative seminars. This exhibition is a real eye opener. ”
Kerryn Moscicki, Radical Yes, Australia

“This is the first time I visit APLF. It is so well organised that I can easily found all the stuff I was looking for, including enforcement material for the leather handbags and accessories our factory produces.”
Vu Hai Binh, Giovanni Group, Vietnam

“I am coming to look for saddlery leather, and it is our first time to APLF. Before I came I already know it is a big show. When I arrived I realised how tremendous it is. It’s totally amazing. If you are a in the leather industry, you must be here.”
Solo Equine, Canada