APLF LEATHER & MATERIALS+ | 17-19 November 2021, Hong Kong

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Balance — Minimal — Modern — Unisex — Luminous — Poetic — Transparencies —  Design


Ethereal neutrals are transcended by textures and effects.

In a desire for lightness and balance, white gives a delicate rhythm to this range that can then be associated with the season’s other colours.


Lightweight, supple, technical and innovative materials with subtle performances.


Supple lamb / Suedes with textured mini-motifs / Pearlised, frosted leathers
and suedes / Graded leathers / 3D-ribbed leathers / Leathers with a powdery or sanded hand / Leathers with a Peachskin hand / Ultra-fine, supple patent leathers / Shiny lizard skins / Reversible leathers and fabrics / Fine fabrics with technical shine / Translucent weaves, tracing paper and plaster looks /Canvas with a rubbery finish / Smooth and semi-transparent nylons and Ripstop fabrics / Spongy and micro-perforated meshes / Crisp coated fabrics / Bioorganic PUs / Cellular laces

Motifs & Accessories

Tone-on-tone graphic effects / Marble and stone prints / Painted chalk motifs
Wavy pleats / Waterproof zippers / Painted tone-on-tone findings