APLF LEATHER & MATERIALS+ | 30 March - 1 April 2021, Hong Kong

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  • Sarah Nichols
  • Bellroy

  • General Counsel

Sarah Nichols was appointed as General Counsel of Bellroy in July 2015.

Bellroy believes that business can be a force for good and is constantly pursuing better ways to conduct its business in the world. As General Counsel, Sarah is a member of Bellroy’s World Flourishing Committee which oversees all Bellroy’s corporate activities related to environmental sustainability, transparency in the supply chain and human and animal welfare.

Bellroy is a member of the Leather Working Group and, since 2016, Sarah has been the chair of the Animal Welfare Sub-Group. Sarah has a BA from Trinity College, University of Toronto, an LLB from Dalhousie University and and LLM from Melbourne University. Find out more at bellroy.com .

Sarah Nichols's Sessions