APLF LEATHER & MATERIALS+ | 30 March - 1 April 2021, Hong Kong

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  • Michael Costello
  • Stahl

  • Director of Sustainability

Michael Costello has been Stahl’s Director of Sustainability since October 2015.

Michael has a broad experience in the chemical industry in a variety of positions. In 1988, he joined Stahl USA as a process chemist and later in commercial positions in the coatings segment.

After a break of six years as EMEA Sales Manager at GE Silicones (now Momentive), Michael re-joined Stahl in 2005. As Group Director, he established the Picassian Polymers SBU within Stahl (now Stahl Polymers). Stahl Polymers supplies raw materials to coatings formulators and has become a recognized player in the market.

Michael holds a BSc in Chemistry from The University College, Dublin, Ireland, and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Michael Costello's Sessions