亚太区皮革展及时尚物料展 | 2021年3月30至4月1日, 香港



  1. 业内消息及专家分析

  2. 最新产品及供应商资料

  3. 时尚制品及物料行业的营商秘诀


  • Federico Brugnoli

  • 可持续发展顾问

The presentation will focus on the most important strategic aspects to be considered addressing sustainability in the footwear supply chain. Results of a specific market research sponsored by The Micam will be presented, analysing indetail the evolution of the approach to sustainable supply chains by more than 70 important international brands, retailers and wholesalers.

Born in Milan (Italy) in 1973. Federico Brugnoli graduated with honors in 1997 in Environmental Sciences in Milan. He has been committed on sustainability from the beginning of his professional career as entrepreneur. He is currently strategic consultant on Sustainability for ASSOCALZATURIFICI (the Italian footwear industry association). In 2008 he founded SPIN 360, a company that promotes new sustainable business models and technological and organizational innovative solutions. SPIN 360 is also partner of Synesis, an international R&D consortium, which members also include the CNR (Italian Research Council) and the Fraunhoffer Gesellschaft (Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization). The main other current collaborations of Federico comprise international luxury groups, tanning and fashion companies, Italian and EU business associations. The most recent collaborations concern the chemistry sector and focus on integrated supply chain management.

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